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About Us

“While many spend time arguing on protocol and tradition, members of our community are dying. Please forgive me and our center’s practitioners as we excuse ourselves from the discussion and opt to walk in service of our community. We answer to spirit and our ancestors, only.”

Ninay Akua Two Hawk Maat, Center Coordinator & Practitioner


Our rituals and practices are inspired by the Babaylan women of the Philippines and are rooted in the medicine of our ancient African maroon and Indigenous ancestors. We walk in profound respect and work to uphold these ancient traditions while working to adapt them to the current times and needs of our community. We are firm believers in de-colonizing our traditions and take an immovable stance against any ritual, custom or practice that was learned through our experience from our enslavement and/or colonization.



Our Story

Our center sits on an active geothermic aquifer. Our foundation is primarily water therefore all of our services, rituals and practices command the integration and incorporation of water in one of its various forms. We use water infused with plant medicine to open portals in order to access ancient ancestral wisdom with the intention to awaken the divinity within.

Meet The Team

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