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  • How Can I Prepare For a Temazcalli
    The Temazcalli is unlike any sweat lodge you may have attended. The medicine is different the customs are different. There is no comparison. Please bring two towels. One to sit on and one to wipe sweat. Women are permitted to dress comfortably and asked to wear a wrap to cover themselves. Men may wear shorts. Because of the extreme heat, you are asked to refrain from consuming alcohol, smoking tobacoo or cannabis or any hallucinogens a day before and a day after lodge... You will not be permitted to participate in this or future lodges if this rule is ignored. An offering of such things as, cash donations, herbs, seeds and essential oils are acceptable. While on grounds. Smoking of any kind is not permitted. Plastic water bottles are not allowed on site. Please bring your own water thermos and a glass tea mug for lodge (tea will be provided). If you plan on using the facilities, please bring bathing suits and your own towels. We recommend 4 large towels for those participating in lodge and wishing to use the facilities. Also bring sandals and a cover-up. Overnight guests are asked to bring a blanket, pillows or a sleeping bag. Treatments such as massage or facials are not available on ceremony days.
  • What Are Your COVID 19 Vaccination Policies?
    Nana’s African Maroon Spiritual Science and Wellness Center was founded in 2016 which was sanctioned by the Africania Mission in Ghana. We became incorporated in 2020. We practice African Traditional religion rooted in both Nile Valley and West African spiritual systems and cosmology. We contend that we are sovereign by the definition of US LAW as our ancestors were brought here after 1808 when it was deemed illegal to engage in the enslavement of Africans. We never acquiesced our African citizenship. As sovereign and spiritual people, Nana’s African Maroon Spiritual Science and Wellness Center’s members cannot and will not defile their bodies (God in flesh) with such things as pork, drugs or in this case, vaccinations that alter the bodies innate ability to heal itself. It is an abomination against God and in violation of are spiritual practice and sovereignty. Furthermore, Nana’s African Maroon Spiritual Science and Wellness Center maintains a very firm stance on COVID-19 and forced vaccination policies and procedures currently being implemented across the United States. We stand unified with other spiritual institutions who openly oppose legislation that conflicts with a person’s right to choose. We view these vaccines as experimental and do not trust the administrators of the COVID-19 vaccine especially since the current U.S laws protect them from liability for injury or death caused by the vaccine. Added to this, the United States long term history of medical apartheid and destructive acts of medical malice towards people of African descent predicates a an extreme mistrust that policy makers have any interest in our community’s overall safety and well-being.
  • What Is Expected of Me When I Visit Nana's?
    Nana’s African Maroon Spiritual Science & Wellness Center is a vortex. It is a Temple, a place of peace, and a gateway to self discovery. Here individuals overcome their personal physical and spiritual challenges in order to discover and fulfill their life’s mission. While on grounds we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines: No smoking of any kind while on grounds. Alcohol is not permitted. No loud noise or profanity . Plastic water bottles are not allowed on site. No animals are permitted on grounds. Please carry out any trash that you bring on grounds. Children are permitted on grounds only with prior clearance of the grounds keepers. No picking plants or flowers from grounds without permission. Park in designated areas only.
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