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Our Temazcalli

Our Temazcalli was built as a gift to us from Nahuatl elder, Sun dancer, master builder, healer and family friend Piltzinkoyotl. The name Temazcalli translates meaning “house of the steam stones”. The tradition of using heat as a healing modality can be found in various African natural healing traditions as well. The Islamic Hammam and South African Sifutu hold similar uses ie; ceremony, healing the sick, improving health, and as a place for women to give birth.

Our traditional, ritual and medicinal uses for it are Both Nahuatl, African and Babalayan inspired. We have structured its use to meet the current needs of the people that we service. Such uses include; Yoni and Prostrate Steams, Cancer & Lymphatic Massage, Pain Relief, Conflict Resolution, Detoxification, Post Partum Ritual & Healing for Mothers and general health & wellness. We also work to support our community desiring to confront intergenerational trauma, soul fragmentation, addictions and are working to maintain sobriety.

Postpartum Birth Work Temazcalli 

At Nana's, we understand the unique challenges and stressors that new mothers encounter after childbirth. We hold ourselves in service  and offer the Temazcalli to provide mothers with the support they deserve. Our postpartum care offers new mothers a nurturing experience that includes spiritual counseling, a traditional bath, soothing massage, and the practice of belly binding. These time-honored rituals serve as a special blessing and celebration, providing essential care and comfort during the postpartum period. Our team is here to help new mothers embrace their journey with love, support, and rejuvenation.

Vaginal  and Prostate Suob (Steam) Temazcalli

We offer Suobs (steams) that harmoniously merge traditional Filipino steam techniques with the richness of African Native cultural practices. Our sessions take place in a ceremonial setting within the Temazcalli. Carefully, we delicately warm the Temazcalli and carefully select herbs to address the distinct needs of every individual. This is done in either a private session or through communal energy in a group setting. This is a this a very healing and transformative journey that harmonizes our ancient sacred traditions. 

Hilot Massage and Suob

Our Hilot massage is a sacred ceremony held in the sacred space of the Temazcalli. With great care, we gently warm the Temazcalli and curate a selection of herbs tailored to meet each individual's specific needs. Our offerings extend beyond mere massage as we incorporating Suob (Steam) energy clearings and focus on healing the mind body and spirit. Discover profound pain relief and holistic healing in an immersive and culturally rich environment unlike any other.

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