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Vaginal and Prostrate Suob (Steams)

Our steams are unique and unlike any other. Combining traditional Filipino steam with African cultural practices our sessions are held in ceremony in the Temazcalli. We gently warm the Temazcalli and gather herbs specific to each individual’s unique needs. Private and group sessions are available.

The term "Suob," comes from the Filipino tradition of steam inhalation to promote health and wellness. A vaginal or prostrate Suob,  involves exposing the genital area to steam generated from herbal infusions. During this type of Suob session, the woman or man sits or squats over a container filled with hot water that is infused with medicinal herbs. The steam from the herbal mixture rises and comes into contact with the external genitalia and vaginal/prostrate area. The specific herbs used in the steam blend may vary, but they often include plants like mugwort, rosemary, basil, creosote and lavender.

Potential benefits for women include improved vaginal and menstrual health, reduced menstrual cramps, balanced vaginal PH, deep sense of relaxation and is often recruited to support postpartum healing.  For men it is believed to promote prostate health, alleviate symptoms of prostate conditions, and supports general well-being.

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